Why Use BreezeWizard Rotating Windscoop?

BreezeWizard is designed for wind velocities of less than 12Knts.

Between 12knts and 6knts of wind the effects are obvious. The unit produces a downdraft that is very tangible. Below these speeds the BreezeWizard’s subtlety comes into its own. At first you are not sure if it's doing its job. Even in what appears to be a still night. When the breeze changes direction it tends to do it with a pulse. Your Wizard will catch it for you and carry on all night quietly with out fuss.

Hey! You have overslept, the cabin is fresh! You had to pull a sheet over yourself, to say nothing about the entertainment factor of looking up at this dancing silent contraption. Shall you get up or wait for the next pulse? At this stage I bet you have an internal chuckle at this crazy bit of kit.

For best results we have found it beneficial to have another hatch open to allow a through put of air. This gives an added advantage; if the cabin is en suite, you will find the moisture from the heads blown away.
The BreezeWizard: Rotating Windscoop