Meet The Inventor

Flying in from a cooler climate to the height of the season in Turkey to be greeted with 38C, trying to unpack, you immediately start to perspire. Let's go for a drink and a meal it will cool us down in the evening.

NO it hasn't!!

Midnight , you lie on the bunk for an hour, just in underwear, door and hatch fully open. Still can't sleep!. You know this isn't going to work but you have to try something. Let's sleep on deck!.

The Cockpit is too small and the benches hard. 4 am “Cockadoodledo”. The sun starts to rise. Covered in condensation, it's back to the cabin, no better, partner in tears. 7am. No sleep, let's go for a shower, relief !!

How much was this holiday?

So let's recap, you have looked forward to this holiday all year. Worked hard to pay for it, first night no sleep and now you’re going to take this yacht to sea. Remember you have not sailed for a year. This is a different boat in a new location. Just to concentrate the mind you are responsible for this yacht and your friends and family!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.
Idea!! BreezeWizard

Like all new ideas. It's obvious once you have seen it.
The BreezeWizard: Rotating Windscoop