Hot in the cabin?... Introducing BreezeWizard!

Keep the cabin cool

BreezeWizard is a leap forward in passive boat ventilation. It is both rugged and sensitively balanced. It has two major advantages over its predecessors in the market.

* It is infinitely directional.
* It has a self supporting structure (ideal for power boats)

Providing there is a movement of air, even the smallest gust, BreezeWizard will hunt it out and deliver it to the cabin. Many yachts spend their evenings in marinas or tavernas after a days sailing. These locations are famed for confused and katabatic winds. Fear not! BreezeWizard, the rotating windscoop, is on hand.

Even a yacht at anchor can take many minutes to adjust orientation to a change of wind direction. BreezeWizard, with its low mass and high response, is almost instant.

If in the night, the wind picks up or a shower blows in, BreezeWizard can be removed from the hatch without leaving the cabin. No half-asleep skipper falling overboard trying to undo some one else’s knots!

For optimum ventilation, the hatch lid must fold back flat to the deck and it is best suited to a hatch 600 x 600 mm or less.

We recommend you buy one for the main cabin, and then try it on other hatches. We would be delighted to see BreezeWizards dancing over as many hatches as possible.

At 900 grams it's worth leaving a pair of shoes at home.
(Only joking ladies)
The BreezeWizard: Rotating Windscoop